It is common sense that you should go from least invasive to most invasive when dealing with any problem. When a few days of ice and rest doesn’t take care of your neck pain, what should you do? 

At Integrative Health we believe it’s important to have a consultation and examination to determine the cause of your neck pain. Waiting too long to address your neck pain can lead to irreversible damage to your neck and future health. In actuality, after years and years of degeneration, people suffering with chronic neck pain may start taking high doses of medication or even require spinal surgery.

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Help for Your Neck Pain

At Integrative Health we look at the big picture when evaluating your spine. Along with treating the spine, our practitioners will work with you as the “whole person,” in addition to your specific symptoms. We keep you informed on nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle that may help your neck pain and much more.

After a thorough consultation and examination, our practitioners will be able to diagnose the specific cause of your neck pain and create a treatment plan to correct your problem. All steps in the diagnostic process are important because they give your chiropractor necessary information about your neck pain, which will help us to personalize a treatment plan for you.

Get Back to Your Lifestyle

At Integrative Health, we believe all your questions and concerns are important. In order to get you back to your work, hobbies, and family life, we need to understand your problem thoroughly.

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