Did you know that bad posture could be caused by your feet? Good Posture starts from the ground up!

Foot levelers has been making functional customized orthotics that flex and bend to your feet since 1952. Functional orthotics are prescription “shoe inserts.” They’re custom-made to easily slide into your shoe and support the unique shape of your feet. They are designed to align your knees, hips, and spine and secure your adjustments beyond the adjusting table.

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Over-the-counter orthotics

  1. Only one arch support
  2. Do not provide custom support for your gait
  3. Just add cushioning to treat the symptom, rather than the underlying problem
  4. Offer generic solutions for a number of foot conditions

Custom-Made Orthotics

  1. Three arch support
  2. Patented gait cycle system offers support through each phase of your gait
  3. Promote optimum posture and enhances and secures chiropractic adjustments
  4. Guaranteed or your money back
  5. Individually designed based on 3D imaging of your feet