Rehab, also called exercise therapy, is Dr. Miller’s specialty and is crucial for your full recovery. In short, exercises allow the adjustment to hold much longer and will reduce the number of treatments you will need for complete healing.

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How is Rehab Done at the Integrative Health?

Rehab at Integrative Health is a comprehensive approach to restore pain-free function in patients with acute or chronic pain. Rehab is prescribed once a patient achieves a 50% reduction in pain to stabilize and strengthen the painful joints.

The primary goal of rehab/exercise therapy is to reduce your joint and muscle pain you feel everyday and to safely strengthen your muscles for everyday living. Rehab focuses on identifying muscle imbalances through functional rehab testing that affect our daily activities and ultimately lead to pain. These dysfunctions may be caused by a direct injury, but more often relate to repetitive movements and poor posture. For example, sitting too long at a computer, texting or playing games too long on your phone, or repetitive one-sided movements that are common in assembly work and many sports.

Are you someone who would benefit from exercise therapy?

The following criteria should be used to determine if you need exercise therapy:

  • Your adjustments are not holding for more than 1 week
  • You do not exercise and feel tired
  • Your balance and strength is not what it used to be
  • You’re too tired or too weak to perform your job
  • Your activity is affected by persistent pain due to muscle weakness
  • Your pain gets in the way of your job performance or your lifestyle activities
  • You have a chronic re-occurring condition that is not resolved with other treatments

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