IV Hydration

IV Hydration fort wayne
IV treatments are delivered directly into the veins, thus creating results that are much faster than traditional oral intake. It is a safe, healthy, and restorative option for multiple different ailments, and can be customized based upon individual needs. It may be beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts that want to shorten recovery time or improve their performance. It can also help with those that struggle with migraines, or assist in decreasing the appearance of wrinkles or other signs of aging.
Each appointment takes about one hour. When scheduling, let us know which therapy option you would like to receive so that we can ensure we have the necessary vitamin blend in office ready for your appointment. During your appointment, you’ll be able to relax in our comfortable massage chair, kick your legs up, and close your eyes for a while!
We offer two different blends of IV Hydration, and they come to us from Olympia Pharaceuticals! When you're ready to get scheduled, give us a call at 260-338-1700 to try out the amazing benefits IV Hydration for yourself!
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