Think Dirty is a mobile application designed to help users make informed choices about personal care and household products. The app allows users to scan the barcode or search for products, such as cosmetics, skincare items, and cleaning supplies. It then provides a detailed breakdown of the product's ingredients, along with information on potential health concerns associated with those ingredients.

Think Dirty uses a rating system that ranks products on a scale from 0 to 10, with higher numbers indicating a potentially higher level of concern regarding the product's ingredients. Additionally, the app suggests alternative products that have cleaner and safer ingredient profiles.

The phone application "Think Dirty" is beneficial to use for several reasons:

  1. Ingredient Transparency: Think Dirty provides users with a comprehensive breakdown of the ingredients in personal care and household products. This transparency allows consumers to make informed choices about the products they use.
  2. Health Awareness: The app educates users about potentially harmful or toxic ingredients commonly found in everyday products. This knowledge empowers individuals to avoid substances that may have adverse effects on their health.
  3. Product Safety Ratings: Think Dirty assigns a rating to each product based on the potential health concerns associated with its ingredients. This rating system enables users to quickly assess the relative safety of different options.
  4. Alternative Recommendations: The app not only identifies potentially harmful products but also suggests cleaner and safer alternatives. This feature helps users transition to healthier options without compromising on quality.
  5. Customized Recommendations: Think Dirty takes into account individual preferences and sensitivities. Users can set their own criteria for what they consider safe or unsafe, allowing for a personalized experience.
  6. Empowering Consumer Choices: By providing access to information about product ingredients and safety, Think Dirty empowers consumers to support companies that prioritize transparency and use safer formulations.
  7. Environmental Impact: In addition to health concerns, Think Dirty also considers the environmental impact of product ingredients. This feature supports users in making choices that align with their eco-conscious values.
  8. Advocacy for Clean Beauty: Think Dirty is part of a broader movement advocating for clean and sustainable beauty products. By using the app, users contribute to the demand for safer and more environmentally-friendly products in the market.

Overall, Think Dirty serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to make more conscious and informed choices about the products they use, ultimately promoting personal health and contributing to a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

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