Your first visit to Integrative Health will be about the medical team getting to know you and discussing your history, current condition, and goals.

STEP 1: Schedule an Appointment

Many of our patients come to Integrative Health through referral. When you call, please be sure to tell us who referred you to our office. We are grateful for everyone who shares their experience! Click here to schedule an appointment or call us at (260) 338-1700.

STEP 2: Fill Out the New Patient Forms

Our goal is to improve your health and wellness, and we can only do this if we know what you have gone through. Please click here to fill out the new patient intake forms.

STEP 3: Consultation & Examination

Your first visit is all about investigating the cause of your problem. It’s only through a clear understanding of what’s wrong that we can make our best recommendations for your care.

Our initial evaluation includes a physical exam, and if x-rays are needed, our doctors will order those for you. This first visit lasts about 30-45 minutes.

STEP 4: Review and Recommendations

If x-rays were needed, we will review the results with you along with making recommendations for a plan of action. Asking questions is encouraged! Acceptance and understanding are important in the healing process.

STEP 5: Routine Visit

From day to day your body is constantly adapting to demands you put on it. So, there truly is no complete routine visit. We will work on the problem you came in with but also address other speed bumps you hit along the way.

Call (260) 338-1700 today to schedule!